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Client: Crowsnest Historical Society
Project Objective:
Within such a small exhibit space (1450 sqft) our goal was to inform visitors about Alberta’s prohibition history in the Crowsnest Pass where bootlegging was extremely active. We wanted to focus on the storytelling of the family who lived in the barracks (Lawson family), and other key individuals like, Emilio Picariello and Florence Lassandro who were a part of the death of Constable Lawson, the trial, and eventual demise of the killers.
In order to achieve this goal, our team of interpretive writers, exhibit/graphic designers and fabricators put a considerable amount of work into the development of the content, spatial layout, graphics/physical styles, colour palette, interactives, and use of artifacts.  Collectively, our team put together a modern exhibit design into this newly restored historical barracks building.


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