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3rd Place for ‘Most Creative Promotional Cart or Kiosk’!

Our team got some exciting news this week! Brookfield Residential and Westwind Design Group came in 3rd place for ‘Most Creative Promotional Kiosk’ in the 20th Annual Visual Victories Awards!

Sometimes a whole lot of colour and pattern can feel disorienting so it takes an expert touch to make it all come together. Brookfield Residential is that expert. The pattern’s palette adds a touch of intrigue and notice how well the orange block follows through in unexpected places, including in the interactive seating area. The open layout allows visitors to walk through and learn more, and even play a couple of fun games. “The oversized signage detail adds a great focal point and the map flooring grounds the display and ties it all together,” says judge Heather Campbell. All combine for a pop of wow in the mall common area.

-Spring 2017 | Specialty Retail Report

This pop-up booth located in CrossIron Mills was a very fun project to design and fabricate. Our whole team had a hand in this project as there were many different aspects to this booth. Here’s what we made:

  • physical booth
  • digital app
  • custom signage for the front
  • branded brochure holders
  • table, with secured iPads, seating, and storage
  • digital display that shows videos and images

We are so happy we could work with Brookfield Residential on this Livingston pop-up booth, and so proud of the amazing response we’ve gotten from the public! Also, it is an incredible honor to place next to Coca-Cola and Cirque du Soleil!

Interested in a pop-up booth design? Email us at for more information!


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