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Our Guide to Colour Psychology

People make subconscious judgments about a product within 90 seconds of initial viewing and 62% — 90% of the assessment is based on colour alone!

I’m not going to lie… sometimes I choose one product over another because I like the colour better… but see, that is the power of colours. Colours transmit messages from the quality of the product to the values behind the brand. Colours affect how well we remember a brand. There’s a certain purple that just is Cadbury, or a shade of green that screams Starbucks.

Whether designing a logo, making a display, or choosing a colour scheme for a retail space, it’s good to keep the following in mind:


As you can see, your colour choice can make a huge impact on your business so choose wisely! Have you seen something recently where the colours really resonated with the brand? Show us! Tweet us at @westwinddesign and we’ll check it out.

Mary Gao | Marketing Intern

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