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Project Spotlight: Livingston LIV Community Sculpture

Since early 2016, we’ve had the pleasure of working with Brookfield Residential for the launch of Calgary’s newest northern community; Livingston! After the success of their sales booth at CrossIron Mills – that our team designed and fabricated – Brookfield Residential approached us again, this time to create a custom community sculpture, preliminary directional signage and their new pre-discovery centre (The Hub), all within Livingston! These exciting projects had many different aspects to consider in terms of design and fabrication. This project spotlight focuses on how our team was able to bring to life the new ‘Liv’ sculpture while keeping those various aspects in mind. We’re so happy with final product and hope you visit the community of Livingston soon!


In the planning stages of this project Brookfield Residential introduced us to the approach they wanted to take. “Where Life Comes Together” is the Livingston community slogan. This expression was very important for us to acknowledge in our designs as we wanted community members and visitors to feel the concept of “togetherness” in the atmosphere of Livingston. This idea is very apparent in the Livingston logo which integrates many vibrant colours and shapes coming together to make one cohesive piece. We planned to bring these components into this project to unite all features of the community together.

For the community sculpture, our creative designer suggested a concept he had archived in our design library in which people could attach engraved padlocks to the piece. Our team then presented the idea that as new families settled-down within the Livingston community they would receive a lock to go on the sculpture and be connected with the rest of the neighbourhood.

The Brookfield team responded well to this idea as they felt it fell in line with the Livingston slogan and allowed community members to actively be a part of the sculpture. (Which is why it’s always a great idea to hold on to any design ideas – You never know when you’ll find a project that works perfectly with them!)

With this concept in mind, our team began thinking up more appropriate variations of words or letters we could use in the place of “LOVE”. While “Livingston” seemed like the obvious choice, we wanted to present a concise word that allowed for a larger overall piece, and also met our client’s budget. Eventually the letters “LIV” were chosen as they abstractly signify life coming together, living in the community, and also happens to be a wonderful abbreviation of Livingston.


To make this structure into a physical piece our team needed to keep in mind a few factors – withstanding rain, heavy snow and winds, encounters with people trying to climb it, and of course, the weight of the pad locks (We didn’t want the structure to be compromised like the Love Lock Bridge in Paris!). With this in mind our team also had to design the letters with the ability to be removed and relocated, as the community of Livingston is actively developing. The current site will be redeveloped into homes, and the LIV letters will be relocated to their final location at the future homeowner’s association site. To achieve all of this, we worked with an engineering firm to develop the structure for both the stainless steel letters and concrete base. The base concrete structure is anchored with concrete piles that go 15′ underground to ensure that it’s resistant to any loads or forces it might encounter, and the Liv letters are secured to lag bolts casted in the concrete. Because the letters are fastened to the lag bolts, they can be easily relocated when the time comes.


The Reveal

For the reveal of their 63rd community, Calgary’s Brookfield Residential hosted a wonderful event featuring the newly completed LIV letters sculpture! This event also launched 17 new showhomes that were easily located with the exterior signage we created for Livingston. This celebration included many fun activities, including the first Livingston home owner’s placing the first locks on the community sculpture!

We can’t wait to show you our future projects we have in the works with Brookfield Residential. For now, we hope you visit the beautiful Livingston soon and find out more about the community here! 

Melissa Buzan | Westwind Design Group Marketing Specialist

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