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Project Spotlight: Our Best-Looking, Best-Performing Pop-Up Booth Ever.

The next time you’re in a mall, pay attention to the display carts — some are are interesting, many are a bit of a mess, but it’s rare that any booth in the hallway of a crowded mall could make you stop and say ‘whoa’. We changed that — because ‘whoa’ is why people call us.

This winter, we partnered with Brookfield residential on a pop-up booth to promote their (incredible) new development, Livingston.

The challenge: build a pop-up booth in a 10′ x 15′ space at CrossIron mills. The booth’s goal was to engage shoppers, while starting a dialogue about Livingston. On top of that, they needed to capture emails of those that wanted to stay in touch with Brookfield. The booth had to last at least 5 months — withstanding constant use, occasional abuse (hyperactive kids, high-heeled moms, etc.), and fit within the mall’s standards.

Here’s what we made made:

  • physical booth
  • digital app
  • custom signage for the front
  • branded brochure holders
  • table, with secured iPads, seating, and storage
  • digital display that shows videos and images

We also printed + installed the wall and floor graphics, with graphic files from our friends at Curious Communications.

The Booth


When we concept, the idea is to show the client a few options — this is more the get ideas flowing than it is to land on a single iteration.

The concepting phase of this project was a blast. Our entire team got involved — everyone threw their ideas out, industrial designers sketched, and then the graphic design team turned the concepts into full-colour sketches.

Looking back, I realize that our graphic designer put an awful lot of thought into this mother being distracted.
This mother (father? brother?) is slightly more focused on the task at hand.
I should talk to our graphic team about what parenting looks like I guess?

In the final version, you’ll see elements of each design, but concept #1 is used as the basis for the finished project. The art deco theme from concept #1 is in here, with the digital display style of #2, and the engaged mom/tic-tac-toe of #3.

Our final concept (without wall or floor graphics) was done in 3D. To show how it would actually fit into the space at CrossIron, we actually rendered it into a photograph of the hallway.


Once we got approval, it was on to shop drawings so that our expert fabrication team could get to work. It took around 4 weeks to get this all put together, and it was a fun process to watch. I say watch because nobody will let marketing handle power tools.


Tree logo!
The forklift is a table if you use your imagination and run out of other tables.
Laminating graphics so they can stand the test of time.
Frank and Andrew, expert installers.


Part of the scope of this booth was creating a quiz app, installing it on iPads, and then mounting those iPads on the booth.

The quiz was relatively simple from a coding standpoint, but a good chunk of work from a research and content creation standpoint. The quiz asks a dozen or so questions, then shows the user what their ideal neighbourhood in Livingston might be. If they want, the user can also enter a draw for $5000 in CrossIron Mills gift cards.

Create content.
Fix the bugs.
Pretty it up.
Design an iOS icon.
Install iPads into cases, then cases onto custom table!


On July 31st, we headed into CrossIron Mills to install the booth for its August 1st launch.

This was our first time creating a digital-enabled pop-up booth. So far, so good — when we’ve stopped by to check with the client’s team and there’s always someone watching a video, doing the quiz, or doing a walk-around to check out the signage and design elements.

Like what you see here and want to work with us? Have questions? Just shoot me an email —

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