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Your Company Needs a Pop-Up Shop – Here’s Why:

The way people shop is changing drastically. With the phenomenon of “showrooming” (checking out products in-store and then buying online) and “webrooming” (researching online and only walking in to buy), it’s evident that businesses need to keep evolving to survive. In an already crowded market, retailers need to be innovative as more shoppers are pulling away from the traditional way to buy products. Pop-up shops have been generating interest from customers, and are turning out to be a lifesaver for some companies. These temporary units sell and showcase your products at a fraction of the cost of typical retail spaces. Whether you’re an established brick and mortar looking to increase brand awareness or an online business looking to go physical — pop-up shops can help you hit those goals quickly.

H&M Beach Pop-Up

Why a pop-up shop?
Test out a space/concept-

There are many very successful e-commerce shops, but e-commerce usually makes up for only 7.8% of retail sales. If an online business wants to test out a physical store (for interest, location, etc.) then a pop-up shop is a great way to find a location without committing.
It’s a smart move to gauge your audience before investing in a long term lease. In addition, due to the temporary nature of these stores, they’re a great opportunity to test out more creative (and possibly more risky) concepts. Try out a new line or division in a prime location with minimal costs.

Build brand awareness-

Pop-up shops offer the option to generate a lot of buzz in a short amount of time. Short term retail satisfies shoppers desire for something unique while simultaneously creating a sense of urgency to get it before it’s gone. All of this, in an immersive space completely controlled by the brand. These units can then be incorporated into a permanent space if you choose. Pop up shops can also be incredibly social media friendly and built to share. You can be creative with interactive displays that encourage the shopper to participate and remember your brand. If you want a sure fire way to increase your company’s presence, this is the way to go.

To get the creative juices flowing, I’ve curated four examples of excellent (and very different) pop-up shops:
Brother’s Suitcase Store
Armed with a giant half-open leather suitcase, Brother’s took their sleek suitcases, travel accessories, and men’s wear on a tour. The design is practical yet sophisticated — just like the brand itself.


Brother’s Suitcase Store

Solve 5 minute Internship
Solve, a creative agency, built a mobile mini version of their office and took it on an epic college campus road trip. Students tried a 5 minute challenge and if they did well, they were selected for an interview on the spot.

Solve Mini Office

Kate Spade Holiday Igloo
Temporary shops are great for seasonal promotions — and Kate Spade knows this. This cute igloo stationed beside Citi Pond in New York offered both merchandise (…Christmas gifts anyone?) and free hot chocolate.

Kate Space Pop-Up Igloo

Glossier Summer Fridays Showroom
This online beauty store styled a floor of its Manhattan office into a temporary pop-up shop. Find an empty office floor and transform it into a unique retail showroom — I guarantee people will be intrigued.

Glossier Summer Friday Pop-Up Shop

Emily Weiss of Glossier “”It’s almost like this is a giant mood board for the company we’re hoping to build.”
If you’re feeling down about vacant spaces or dipping sales, take the reigns of retail back into your hands by creating a pop-up shop. Offer customers a chance to immerse themselves completely into your amazing company in an interesting (and relatively low-cost) way. Lure consumers with the urgency and exclusivity of a temporary shop, and they’ll stay for your great products (and probably Instagram it too).
Now that you’re inspired, give us a shout to bring your ideas to life and make them really pop. From a mobile display to an open kiosk, we got you.

Mary/Melissa | Marketing

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